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          Shandong promises an economical art festival

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            The 10th China Art Festival will kick off in about one month. Shandong province, as the host of the festival, promises an economical art festival in all aspects including venue construction, activity organization, reception services, etc.

            Participants will have buffet dinners only during the festival and no excessive special reception is allowed according to the reception work conference of the 10th China Art Festival held on August 29. Following the cancel of the art performance on the opening ceremony which is expected to save over 50 million yuan, this is another measure to actively implement the concept of practicing frugality.

            Simplifying the opening ceremony

            A large-scale comprehensive art performance was originally planned to stage on the opening ceremony in Jinan Olympic Sports Center, and more than one thousand performers would have been invited. The total cost would have summed up to 58.81 million yuan. However, the organization committee of the festival simplified the opening ceremony to a short ceremony and the performance of a key play from Shandong province.

            The saved fifty million yuan will be used to promote the development of public culture and art in Shandong province. Currently, Shandong is preparing to set up the "4+1 Project" to secure the sustainable development of stage craft after the 10th China Art Festival.

            Reception: only buffet dinners are provided

            Various banquets will be cancelled and only buffet dinners are provided during the festival.

            It is predicted that during the festival more than thirty thousand guests, varieties of study tours and large numbers of tourists will visit Shandong province. Two hundred and sixty-seven hotels with excellent accommodation and facilities have been designated as the reception units. And these hotels will provide scientifically-arranged diets with Shandong characteristics which simultaneously take the dietary habits of the minority nationalities and people from different regions into consideration, based on the food standard formulated by the organization committee.

            The venues can be repeatedly used

            The maintenance cost of newly-built venues of large-scale activities is usually very high, so it is a big challenge to make good use of the venues constructed during the 10th China Art Festival.

            Shandong province has built fifteen new venues, repaired and rebuilt twenty-five venues. These venues with reasonable layout and multiple functions can fully meet the performance requirement of different dramas and other artistic forms. Shandong province starts to explore efficient ways in the management  and marketing of these venues, endeavoring to build them into a provincial or even national characteristic cultural center.

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          Shandong promises an economical art festival
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