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          "Slimmer" Art Festival benefits people

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            The 10th China Art Festival should be held in an economical way but simultaneously a splendid art fest is also required, according to the spirit of "Improving Work Style and Practicing Frugality".

            14 departments of Jinan Provincial Executive Committee gave their work reports at the plenary meeting held on September 25. Yang Luyu deputy secretary of Jinan Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and mayor of Jinan, pointed out that all departments of the executive committee should carry out the Party Central Committee's requirement of "Improving Work Style and Practicing Frugality".

            The number of volunteers for the 10th China Art Festival is greatly reduced, according to head of the Volunteer Work Office. And only six hotels, such as  Shungeng Hillview Hotel, Grand Mercure, etc. are designated as the reception hotels.

            Tickets for the "Wenhua Awards"performance will be sold at a price between RMB 20 to RMB 280, and will be sold online since the late September. The competition of "Wenhua Awards" will kick off on October 4 in nine venues including Shandong Theater and Qunxing Theater.

            The opening ceremony of the 10th China Art Festival will be shortened to 16 minutes, only containing playing national anthem, reading congratulatory letters and announcing the opening of the festival, which costs less than one million yuan.

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          "Slimmer" Art Festival benefits people
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