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          Shandong benifits the people by its cultural platform

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            Shandong has made brilliant achievements in the 10th China Art Festival (CAF) thanks to the construction of cultural platform which benefits the people. How will Shandong make the best use of the platform after the 10th CAF?

            Top-ranking venues

            The One Theatre and Three Museums of Shandong Provincial Capital Culture and Art Centre, located in West Jinan, have become the highlights. People come here not only to watch performances, but also want to see how the venues look like.

            All venues for the 10th CAF, either the newly built or the rebuilt, have complete facilities and advanced functions to hold top-ranking performances and exhibitions.

            "From November 1 to January 31 next year, we will hold New Year Performance Season. More than 60 performances will be staged then," said Zhang Yu, head of Jinan Grand Theatre.

            Shandong Provincial Art Museum is also a landmark. The National Exhibition of Excellent Sculptures, held every three years, has permanently been set up in the museum.

            All people participate in cultural activities

            "All excellent performances of the 10th CAF have been fully public to all people, which means everyone can participate in all kinds of cultural activities in their hometown in Shandong," said Li Zongwei, head of the Mass Culture Section of the 10th CAF Organizing Department.

            "In order to let more people to watch the Secretary of the People, we decided to start a performance tour in our province," said Duan Yuqiang, head of Shandong Provincial Lvju Theatre. The Secretary of the People has been awarded "Wenhua Award" Grand Prix recently.

            The Secretary of the People is not an exception. Actually, during the 10th CAF, many performances toured in Shandong. After the 10th CAF, these activities will be normalized to benefit the people in deed.

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          Shandong benifits the people by its cultural platform
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