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            2. 方式狀語從句:

            方式狀語從句通常由as,as if,as though,the way,what引導;

            eg:Always do to the others as you would be done by.

            When enter rome do as the romans do.


            (2)as if/though:"仿佛……似的","好像……似的";


            eg:They completely ignore these facts as if (as though) they never existed. (與事實相反,謂語用虛擬語氣。)

            He looks as if (as though) he had been hit by lighting.


            It looks as if the weather may pick up very soon.


            (3)the way:可以連接兩個句子,表達就像……一樣;

            eg:I should do the job the way my father did.

            Many Europeans now apparently view the US. the way many Americans view Mexican as a cheap place to vacation, shop and party.


            eg:Air is to man what/as water is to fish.

            句型:A is to B what C is to D.

            eg:A1 Gore calls global warming an "inconvenient truth," as if merely recognizing it could put us on a path to a solution.

            put sb. on a path to a solution:找到解決的辦法;


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