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            1. They were the Boy Scouts _______ to help elderly people cross the street.

            A. whose task it was B. whose was it the task

            C. it was whose task D. to whom it was the task

            2. The author was brought up by his grandmother, _______ was recounted in some of his stories.

            A. which B. as C. that D. just as

            3. The reason _______ I can t come is that I have to work late.

            A. because B. for C. as D. why

            4. We grow all our own fruit and vegetables, _______ saves money, of course.

            A. what B. which C. as D. that

            5. The residents, _______ had been damaged by the ?re, were given help by the Red Cross.

            A. all of their homes B. all their homes

            C. whose all homes D. all of whose homes

            6. There was a teapot fashioned like a china duck, out of _______ open mouth the tea was supposed to come.

            A. which B. its C. that D. whose

            7. Living in the western part of the country has its problems, _______ obtaining fresh water is not the least.

            A. with which B. for which C. of which D. which

            8. _______ is known to the world, Mark Twain is a great American writer.

            A. That B. Which C. As D. It

            9. We need a president _______.

            A. for whom everyone has con?dence B. in whom everyone has con?dence

            C. who everyone has con?dence of D. whom everyone has con?dence on

            10. In India, more than one hundred languages are spoken, _______ which only fourteen are recognized as of?cial.

            A. of B. in C. with D. within

            11. Beer is the most popular drink among male drinkers, _______ overall consumption is signi?cantly higher than that of women.

            A. whose B. which C. that D. what

            12. A survey was carried out on the death rate of new-born babies in that region, _______ were surprising.

            A. as results B. which results C. the results of it D. the results of which

            13. Government reports, examination compositions, legal documents and most business letters are the main situations _______ formal language is used.

            A. in which B. on which C. in that D. at what

            14. The course normally attracts 20 students per year, _______ up to half will be from orient.

            A. in which B. for whom C. with which D. of whom

            15. I ve never been to Beij ing, but it s the place _______.

            A. where I d like to visit B. in which I d like to visit

            C. I most want to visit D. that I want to visit it most

            16. The hours _______ the children spend on their one-way relationship with television people undoubtedly affect their relationships with real-life people.

            A. in which B. on which C. when D. that

            17. Agriculture was a step in human progress _______ which subsequently there was not anything comparable until our own machine age.

            A. in B. for C. to D. from

            18. New York is famous for its skyscrapers, _______ has more than 100 storeys.

            A. the highest B. the highest of that

            C. the highest of which D. the highest of them

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